Visualization and Computer Graphics Lab

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The Visualization and Computer Graphics Laboratory (VGCL) led by Prof. Lars Linsen is mainly concerned with topics from scientific and information visualization plus some selected topics from computer graphics and geometric modeling.

Visualization is an inherently interdisciplinary field with application in many different areas. Scientific visualization deals with the visualization of data with spatial interpretation such as computer-generated data from numerical simulations (physics, chemistry) or measured data using scanning or sensoring techniques (medicine, life sciences, geosciences). The group’s efforts are to generate visualization methods that can handle large data sets efficiently, filter distinct features automatically or interactively, and display the relevant information in a comprehensive and intuitive fashion. The research focuses on segmentation and isosurface extraction, hierarchical methods, multi-variate data visualization, flow and tensor field visualization, and user interaction.

Information visualization deals with the visualization of abstract data with no spatial interpretation such as graph- or network-based data (life sciences, social sciences) or multi-dimensional data (databases, ecomomics). The group’s efforts focus on interactive exploration and analysis tools for such abstract data.

In the areas of computer graphics and geometric modeling the group’s interest lies in point-based methods, multi-resolution surface representation, and curves on surfaces.