Sherin Al-Shbat

Office: 123, Research I
Address: Campus Ring 1, 28759 Bremen, Germany
Telephone: (+49-421) 200-3188
Website:Jacobs University Bremen

Project: Geo-Science Visualization
Data visualization plays an important role in geosciences in the context of interactively exploring geo-spatial data such as terrain or ocean floor data. The main challenge when rendering such heightfields stems from the huge amounts of data that need to be visualized at interactive rates. Hierarchical representations and adaptive schemes have been introduced to allow for view-dependent visualizations. Existing approaches can be classified into two main groups, the ones that operate on irregular triangular meshes and the ones that operate on regular grids. While triangular meshes provide better adaptively, regular grids can be handled more efficiently.
Our project is to de-couple mesh and data representations such that data management is performed efficiently on regular grids while mesh rendering is executed using a fixed adaptive triangular mesh. The triangular mesh is optimized in preprocessing step involving the view-dependent technique. An update of the given mesh is done at run-time via retrieving the heights from pre-processed hierarchical pyramid. The parallelism of the current graphic cards is exploited to speed up the rendering mission of a given Geo-dataset.

Implementations :
The following videos show the results of our article with title ” Decoupling Mesh And Data Representations For Heightfield Visualization” using Utah data
Video1 : Utah Data
Video2 : Utah Data
Video3 : Utah Data