Uncertainty in Medical Visualization: Modeling, Visual Encoding, and Interactive Analysis

People: Gordan Ristovski, Prof. Dr. Lars Linsen



Description: There is currently no machine that can provide us with perfectly certain medical imaging data. Errors from multiple sources including noise, patient movement, and partial volume effect due to limited resolution are polluting the data. Since medical experts rely on these images to bring conclusions about the existence and severity of a potential disease, we aim to provide approaches to convey these errors.

We develop methods to systematically analyze the sources of uncertainty in the medical visualization pipeline, classify these uncertainties by coming up with an elaborate taxonomy and develop comprehensive and intuitive visualization methods of relevant uncertainty classes for selected medical applications for which the uncertainty estimation and visualization is of great importance. Based on evaluations from people from the medical profession and others, we would then combine these visual analysis techniques in an interactive system for exploration of the aforementioned medical applications.


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