Up-sampling of isosurfaces

People: Dr. Vladimir Molchanov, Gordan Ristovski, Prof. Dr. Lars Linsen

Funding: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) project grant LI-1530/6-1

Collaborators: Prof. Dr. Stephan Rosswog, Jacobs University

Description: Isosurfaces in point-based representation can often be undersampled in some regions due to the object’s position with respect to the scanner as well as the curvature at a certain place. If an isosurface is extracted from volumetric scalar data, the spatial distribution of the data also affects the representation of the isosurface. We apply a second-order moving least squares technique in order to increase the local point density. An iterative procedure of creating additional points on the isosurface improves the visual quality of the object.